About – Shane Corcoran


I got into making jewelry by mistake.


I studied philosophy & ceramics in San Francisco. Yes, "hippy dippy" I know... Of course I didn't see it like that at the time. As I reflect now- I wonder what my parents thought at the time..


 After graduating I had no space in my tiny apartment for anything but a bed, let alone a kiln... So, after graduating, my ingenious self thought to solve this crazy dilemma by signing up for city college? I knew they had kilns and extremely affordable tuition.... All my problems are solved, well not quite... Full disclosure, I get distracted easily.

As I was signing up I stumbled a wonderful discovery, "Metal-smith classes". Without reading any further past the title I signed up. I envisioned creating huge durable metal sculptures... Day one of the class my instructor told me my first project. It was to make a tiny silver ring. In my head I was thinking, "Wrong classroom..." I scan the calk board read in hard pressed chalk "Beginning Metal-Smithing 1" Room 101... Keeping a cool head I look up the class details and surprise! I signed up to make some jewelry.

 That was the hook in my life that put me on this journey. I don't know exactly why but I fell in love with the jeweler world. Now I am doing my best to stay in it.

Please feel free to ask me questions or contact me with a hello. I would love to hear from you! I'm new to this selling online and would appreciate the interaction.

Also, thank you for reading my story! 

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Illustrations by Briana Kranz 

AKA my amazingly talented wife!



 Me after I built my first jewelers bench. Not sure if I look proud or tired...


^^ It is what you think it is ^^

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